Tuesday, 31 October 2017

McAfee continues focus on evolving antivirus reputation

McAfee, still in the principal year of its turn off from Intel, is attempting to shed its notoriety for being an antivirus-centered firm to be more taken a gander at as a merchant centered around the more extensive security scene, as indicated by the seller's channel boss.

Amid MPower Cybersecurity Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada this week, Richard Steranka, head of worldwide channel operations at McAfee, revealed to Channelnomics that the organization has seen a great deal of "lift" since being re-marked from Intel Security back to McAfee.

"Bringing the idea of 'Together is control' was all piece of propelling the new McAfee, and that is truly resounding, not simply with our accomplices but rather with our clients too," he said. "It's more than a slogan. It's been went down with our want to be open and to be comprehensive of any ventures so we can better help clients."

While Ken McCray, head of Americas channel deals and operations at McAfee, revealed to Channelnomics his accomplice business hasn't spiked since the McAfee name returned, he said the organization got "mark value" back. He included the seller likewise kept up some enormous channel accomplices it met through Intel, including World Wide Technology and Presidio.

A while ago when the seller was known as Intel Security, channel accomplices were winding up explaining to clients Intel Security's relationship to McAfee, Steranka told Channelnomics in April, when the brand saw proprietorship move from Intel to TPG Capital. Since the rebrand, that test has left, Steranka said.

Shedding another brand-related test is as yet a work in advance, in any case.

"All brands… have some history that runs with them, and what we are still extremely centered around doing is advancing observation [of us] being an antivirus company...into a full digital security stage organization," Steranka clarified.

"One of the fundamental needs that we are centered around is updating our base of endpoint clients. Regardless we have a great deal of them on our VirusScan Enterprise items, and those clients essentially can't extricate all the incentive out of the McAfee relationship in the event that they're not on all our most recent advancements.

"The Endpoint Security 10.5 item is the passage into opening up the greater part of this reconciliation with different merchants and [into] bringing better danger insight again into our ePolicy Orchestrator item, into Threat Intelligence Exchange and into Data Exchange Layer - it's so center."

The channel boss included that McAfee has propelled projects to boost channel accomplices around this and furthermore offers preparing and shadows movements for accomplices. He said McAfee is moving a normal of more than 500,000 hubs every week. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The US Navy turns to Xbox controllers for its most advanced submarines

THE US NAVY is putting Xbox controllers and digital cameras in its submarines so that it can do away with boring things like periscopes.
The Military.com website reports on the change of design at the Navy, and says that it is using the living room and leisure technology in its most advanced submarines, the suitably-named Virginia Class Attack Submarine.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Symantec, Acquired Its Second Israeli Startup in a Week

US Security firm Symantec, Acquired Its Second Israeli Startup in a Week

The USA security giant SYMANTEC are spending $270 million to buy SkyCure. This company detects, predicts and protect against a large range of existing and unknown threats hacker against devices.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Cyber-Security: A Practical Guide for Your Online Business Protection by GoodMenProject

Cyber-Security: A Practical Guide for Your Online Business Protection by GoodMenProject

I impressed from this article which published in the Good Men Projects written by Amy Addams. I totally agree with this. Every online business need security to protect data from cyber attack. Some day ago, we seen the Ransomware attack which affected millions of computer in all over world. I am sharing with you. Original published by - Good Men Projects

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Canada 3rd highest country for data breaches in 2016, says Symantec report

Canada data breaches

The security software firm Symantec Inc found that Canada ranked 3rd globally for number of 'data breaches' in 2016, out of 19 in total.

Symantec Inc, the makers of Norton antivirus, has published its annual "Internet Security Threat Report" (ISTR).

Friday, 5 May 2017

Medium-ranged employers overlooking cyber-security

cybersecurity medium sized firm
The importance of cybersecurity training, corporation know very well but their smaller counterparts are not doing too good – that is the warning from 1 industry specialist who says a lack of education is putting Kiwi businesses at risk.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Donald Trump misses his own cyber security plan deadline after promising to deliver in 90 days

Donald trump john kelly

Donald Trump has missed a deadline on strengthening US cyber security. 
Before he was sworn in, Mr Trump said in a statement the US needs to “aggressively combat and stop cyber attacks.” He vowed to “appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office.”We have now reached 90 days with no team, plan, report, or executive order on anti-hacking.

Michael Sulmeyer, director of the Harvard Belfer Center’s Cyber Security Project and former director of Cyber Policy Plans and Operations at the Defence Department, told The Independent that this should not be a difficult task to complete.